I recently graduated from McMaster University in Canada with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmetal Sciences. I enjoyed my time at university but I also realized that while environmental sciences and geology were something I was interested in I could not see myself working in that field. When I was at school I was lucky enough to fall into a job working in the floral section of a store. I began to make my own designs and arrangements and over time found that it was something I had a true passion for. I have now decided to turn that passion into design work for events! I am currently taking an Event Management course at a college close to my home and am going to see where it takes me.

Oh and knitting?

I learned to knit about 3 years ago with help from my Nonna, Grandma, and YouTube and have been addicted ever since. Recently I have also tackled some crochet projects as well as started to write my own patterns. I’m happy to say they have been mostly successful.

Well that’s me.

My Blog (lavinacocchiodesigns) devoted to my floral designs

My Ravelry Page

My Pinterest

My Instagram


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