Work in Progress Wednesday: lavinacocchiodesigns

This week I have been working on something a little different. I am working on expanding my floral design portfolio and created a new blog/website at to do so. Unfortunately this means between school, work, internships, and creating this new webpage I have had no time in the last 2 weeks to work on any knitting projects.

Here is a screen grab of what it looks like so far:


I have chosen to use the Spun theme so that the featured image from each post is visible on the home page and a lot of different designs can be seen at the same time. Each post contains a description of the flowers used, a little bit of information about why the arrangement was made, and a couple of pictures from different angles in a gallery format. These pictures are all from the last couple weeks, since I got my new phone, but I hope to add some more once I get the pictures off of my old phone.

Please check me out, I love to get feedback! I will try to update often so there should be new content pretty consistently.


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