Feature Friday: Keepsake Blankets

Of all of the things I’ve knit and crocheted I’ve never finished a blanket. They always seem like such a daunting task to start, and I never seem to buy enough of one type of wool to finish one. I also tend to make items for other people instead of for myself and I usually I like to make something that they can wear as it somehow seems more uniquely made for them.

Saying that, however, two of the most special items that I have as keepsakes are blankets, one knit and one crocheted. The first is the baby blanket my Nonna made for me when I was born. It is off-white and lightweight (Since I was born in May) with a lovely lace pattern around the edges. The center is stockinette with some blue embroidered flowers added afterwards. Unfortunately over time and through wear it has some holes as well as stains, and has worn thin in areas. Because of this it is no longer usable day- to-day, but still very special to me.

Fotor092619317The second was made by my great grandmother, who I am named after. It is crocheted granny squares, with green, red, dark orange, light orange, and yellow wool. I got this blanket recently from my grandma who was cleaning out her upstairs. My mom recognized it because she remembers Lavina making it when she was younger. It even has a patch sewn on with her name on it. It is in such good condition that I use it as my main lap blanket. Fotor0926192541These two pieces are so special to me that I will definitely have to reconsider making blankets for special gift items. Do you have any knit or crocheted items that are very special to you? Either something someone made for you, or something passed down from a loved one?


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