Work in Progress Wednesday: Poncho!

This week on the needles is a poncho for my little sister. I looked through basically every child poncho pattern on ravelry but there wasn’t one that was exactly what I wanted. I want to make a basic poncho but I don’t like that when using the 2 rectangle method there is a seam where the stitches change directions. I changed it so it is all one piece so the stitches all go in the same direction. I may still chose to pick up around the neck and make a hood or add a front pocket. I will decide that after depending on how I like the finished product.


As for where I got the lovely wool…

Over the summer my Nonna, the big knitter in the family, was cleaning out her old house. This included a huge amount of wool and patterns, accumulated over years and years. Luckily I was given first dibs on anything I wanted, and of course I ended up taking home as much as I could. Good news: no need to buy wool for probably a few years. Bad News: storage. I filled three large Rubbermaid containers with new-to- me wool and just kept a select few balls out to work on new projects.


This red superwash merino blend was initially meant to be a child’s sweater, but when I saw the colour I though poncho (a-la red riding hood). So far it is lovely and I am more than half way done. Hope to be done by the end of the week!



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