Feature Friday: Cleaning out my Queue

I am going to try to write weekly feature post on patterns I am really interested in but have not yet tried. Some of these patterns have been sitting in my queue for a LONG time but I just have not had the time or right yarn to make them. Hopefully this will get me going as these are all lovely patterns.

First up is the Bloomsbury Sweater by Svetlana Volkova . I have had my eye on this sweater for a long time and with the lace sleeves it seems like the perfect weight for a cool fall day. I like the adult version but I particularly like the child version. I hope to make this one for my sister, possibly with a cotton yarn to keep it extra breathable. Definitely a must do project!

Next up is Santorini Marie Wallin. I have NEVER seen colour work on a sweater like this before, it’s almost looks like needlepoint. I also like the relaxed fit of the sweater and this is definitely something I could see myself wearing. Getting all the right colours on the other hand might prove more difficult, but worth it.

Now with winter just around the corner (here in Canada anyway) and some very cold fall weather the last couple days it’s time to start thinking about hats. I recently found the pattern for the Neon Ski Bonnet by Nikki Volk. Being a bonnet style hat gives an interesting twist to a regular ski hat.  It also come low over the ears which is a must for me.

And finally just for fun I was recently made aware of this Unicorn Hat pattern by Sarah at repeatcrafterme . I don’t know who I’m going to make it for yet, but its too much fun to pass up.

Thanks for reading! I anyone has tried any of these patterns or has any other project suggestions please leave a comment below.


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