Rainbow Top

It’s been a busy summer! Between trips, work and a general lack of knitting motivation during these warm summer months I don’t have many new projects to show. I did manage to make one warm weather appropriate top for my little sister. I started it a couple months ago but only just finished it a few weeks ago. Luckily September is supposed to be warm so she will still be able to get some use out of it. I used yarn of “unidentified fibres” I bought in a large end- of- the- lot value bag. One pound of rainbow yarn  for $4! Once feeling the yarn I think it is a mix of acrylics and nylon, with possibly some rayon. It is light and breathable enough that it works for a summer top. And the colours are bright and fun for a kids top. I also used some blue acrylic craft yarn in a seed stitch as a contrast for the straps and bottom.


It is a pretty basic tank. The front piece and the back eyelet section are 2 pieces knit separately and seamed together. I didn’t intend to do this but I managed to completely mismeasure the size I wanted it to be ending up with a block of stockinette that was much to small and didn’t want to start over.  I didn’t initially intend to have the back be all eyelets either but I thought if I was going to knit a new section anyway I might as well make it interesting! I joined the pieces together before I began the front and back armhole decreases and continued the eyelet all the way up the back. The eyelet is made using a simple yo/k2tog across stitch pattern. The straps are made by picking up all the stitches along the armholes then casting on enough stitches for the straps and continuing in the round. I decreased at the back and front of the armhole once on each round so it wouldn’t gape.


The fit turned out pretty great though she will probably only be able to wear it for the rest of this year.



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