Free Pattern: Crochet Yoga Mat Strap


Starting May 1st I am planning on doing a 30 day hot yoga challenge where I do one hot yoga class a day for the entire month. This means I will be going to yoga more than usual and will need a better way to carry my mat. I was going to make this yoga mat bag but didn’t have the time (I probably still will when I get the chance ) and made this strap instead as a quick fix (it took me under an hour to make). It is based on ones that I see other people at the studio use, usually made out of a nylon or sometimes leather strap. It is also adjustable so it will fit nice and snuggly around any mat even if it stretches out over time.  I used Lion Brand Martha Stewart Craft hemp/cotton blend which is an aran weight held double on a 6 mm hook so that the stitches would be very tight and the strap would hold its shape well. It could be easily shortened or lengthened depending on how long you would prefer it (at this length it can be held like a purse over one shoulder or across your back like a backpack with an across body shoulder strap).

Yarn: Martha Stewart Craft cotton/hemp blend in colourway 510 (twilight blue), or any aran weight yarn held double (I would recommend using a yarn that contains mostly cotton and/or hemp as I find it stronger and stiffer than wool or acrylic yarns)

Hook: 6mm

Finished measurement: About 65″ from end to end after holding my mat for about an hour. About 1/2 ” wide. Gauge is not very important for this project just chain an approximate amount and test in on your mat and adjust shorter or longer if needed.


ch (chain), sl st (slip stitch), sc (single crochet)


Ch 8. Sl st into first chain. Ch 158. Count back 7 ch from hook and sl st into it. Sc along ch until back to the first loop. Weave in loose ends.

To create the 2 large end loops: Slip one of the small end loops over the other small end loop to create a large loop at one end of the strap. Then take the other small end loop and pull the large loop that you just created through it. This will make the two large loops in the strap that the mat fits through.



One thought on “Free Pattern: Crochet Yoga Mat Strap

  1. Hi there
    I love this turban pattern and I started knitting it for my niece for her birthday, I’m a little stumped on the crossover part, I’m not sure how to continue knitting on the second set on stitches, do I cut the yarn from the first set of 6 stitches or what? Can you give me instructions on that part? I would appreciate it.

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