Free Pattern: Knit Turban Headband

Fotor0308150941These headbands have been very popular for the last 2 years or so, so I decided to make my own! I made the first of them in late November of last year and have worn it almost everyday since. It’s great because of how versatile it is. I can wear it with my hair up, down, in a braid etc., and it also keeps my ears super warm. Below is the pattern which fits my head comfortable (my head has a 22″ diameter around the crown: massive I know) as well as modifications for a smaller head. The entire headband is knit in brioche stitch with a simple crossover at the crown of the head. I used  Lions Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick which I chose because it is super chunky so the ridges would be very large and it would be really fast to make. One skein easily makes 2 headbands (with a little left over) so you could make one for you and a matching one for a friend, or a backup in case you loose the first one (which is what I did because of course I lost the first one I made). The pattern could also easily be be adapted to use with another gauge.

just headband


Material: Lions Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick (I used fig), or any other super chunky wool. One skein of Lions Brand is enough to make 2 headbands with a little bit left over.

Needles: 9mm (US size 13), or any size needed to match pattern gauge

Gauge: 12 stitches  and 10  rows  = 5 ” by 5″ in brioche stitch

Finished size:

Small: Length: 18″ unstretched, 20″ stretched, Width: 5″

Large: 20″ unstretched, 22″stretched, Width: 5″


sl 1 pwise w/ yif (slip one purlwise with yarn in front):  Hold working yarn at the front of work. Slip right hand needle through first stitch on left hand needle as if going to purl. Instead of purling the stitch slip it onto the right needle unworked. Continue to next stitch.

yo (yarn over): Bring yarn from front of work over the needle , then complete next stitch. The yarn stays on top of the needle and creates a stitch.

bk2tog (brioche knit next two stitches together): Knit the next two paired stitches together.

RS: Right side

WS: Wrong side

pm: Place marker


Pattern is written for the large size with the smaller size option in brackets.

CO 12 (12) sts

Row 1 ( set up row): * sl 1 pwise  w/ yif, yo, k1*, repeat ** to end of row (WS). pm to mark wrong side.

Row 2 (brioche stitch): *sl 1 pwise w/ yif, yo, bk2tog* Repeat ** to end of row (RS)

Continue repeating Row 2 until work measures 8 ” (7″)


To make the crossover the first half of the stitches are worked while the 2nd half are held of a stitch holder, then the second half are worked while the first half are held on a sts holder. The 2 pieces are then crossed over one another and the work is joined as one row again.

Knit in brioche stitch across the first 6 (6) sts (1 slip stitch + 1 yo and bk2tog = 2 sts). Slip the other 6 (6) stitches onto a stitch holder. Turn work. Continue knitting in brioche stitch until this portion reaches 5″(5″), ending on a WS row. Slip these stitches onto a stitch holder and take the other 6(6) stitches off of the stitch holder. Be careful to continue knitting on the opposite side you finished on or stitches will not work . Work until this half also measures 5″(5″), ending on a WS row. Cross the two portions over each other keeping flat and not twisting them and join onto one needle. Continue in brioche stitch on the RS knitting across all the stitches.

Second Half and Finishing: 

Continue in brioche stitch until work measures 8″(7″) from end of crossover, ending on a WS row. (Total Length= 20″ (18″)).Cut working yarn leaving a long tail. Graft the 2 ends of the headband together. Weave in any loose ends. Block gently if desired, or wear right away.



7 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Knit Turban Headband

  1. Can you please be so kind as to share the link to print your fabulous head band. I have tried several times to print, but because it isn’t a pdf file, my web printer won’t work. Thanks Rose

  2. I am stuck at the cross part I need help I have the 5″ on the needle with the yarn on that needle, I have the other stitches on a stitch holder and need to start working on that section for 5″ but the yarn is on the other needle, This probably doesn’t make sense, but I need help! Anyone……

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