Projects I Would Like to Try

These are some projects I’m thinking about trying in the next few months.  Between school and work I won’t have a lot of time for knitting until April but I always like to have something on the go. And sometimes just the patterns are fun to look at.

Thistle Mitten

I would love to make these for my mom for her birthday. I really like the thistle design on them and if I were able to find a vibrant green and orange colour that go together nicely (like the bottom picture on the Ravelry pattern page) I think they would turn out very nicely.

(New) Infinity Scarf: 

I lost the one I made for myself two years ago and I didn’t realize how much I wore it until I didn’t have it anymore. The one I made last time looked a lot like this and I will probably stick to a pretty similar design again. I also like the this one (though it’s more of a cowl).

Brioche Hat and Scarf: 

I’ve been eyeing this 2 colour brioche hat and scarf pattern from the purlbee for a long time. I love the brioche stitch but have never done it in the round or with 2 colours at once before.

Fingerless Gloves with Finger Flaps: 

Similar to these (the first ones on the page) except not sure about the thumb flap.

Pillow and Hot Water Bottle Cover:

I love this look and I have some really chunky wool that will work perfectly. For the hot water bottle cover something like this or this would be fast and simple.  For the pillow cover maybe something simple like this or something with cables like this or this.

Tea Pot/Mug Cozies:

For the insane amount of tea I drink. I like this, this, this, this, and this one. This will also be a great way to use up all the odds and ends of yarn I have hanging around.

Woolen Clogs: 

I’ve been wanting to try to make my own version of these ever since I saw them on Etsy over a year ago. I love the shape and they would be great for around the house slippers. Now that I have some experience felting slippers  I think I might give them a go.

Simple Sweater/Cardigan:

I’m considering doing the Paulie by Isabell Kraemer as it look’s easy, its seamless, and the pattern is free.

Baby Stuff:

I don’t have a particular baby to knit these things for, but these patterns  are all  just too cute! A lady I work with had her first grandchild last year so I’m sure I could give anything I made to her.

I love the look of both the Latte Baby Coat and Entrechat by Lisa Chemery. They are both absolutely adorable and the fit on both of them looks amazing. I may try the Entrechat first because it would be a good weight for the summer (and I probably wouldn’t finish until then). I’ve also heard a lot about the Cascade Eco+ yarn that the Latte Baby Coat in made with so would love to try this eventually. Also love the basket weave detail on it.

I love the (Petit) Artichaut by Solenn Couix-Loarer. It’s like a little ballet cardigan!

I also love the Saartjes Bootees  by Saartje de Bruijn. They look like they will be really quick to make and would be a great go to gift for baby showers (along with the berry hat that I usually make).

And finally this Fox and Wolf hat by Katy Tricot. Too cute!

Fair Isle Sweater (for my sister):

My goal is to make one for by her birthday in November. So I am giving myself a big head start.

Fisherman/Aran Sweater: 

This will be a large project for me and I want to find just the right pattern. I may end up using a combination of a couple different patterns to get it just right.

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